About Us

WHO We Are

Congregation Etz Chaim Sharon is a small Orthodox Jewish congregation of FFBs and serious BTs from a wide range of backgrounds from all over the world.  Our members are business people, professionals, tradesmen, scientists, artists, engineers, homemakers and university professors.  Wherever we come from and whatever our backgrounds we are all singularly united by an uncompromising commitment to Hashem and His Torah.

Our shul is located centrally in the lovely town of Sharon, Massachusetts and sits on 3½ acres of beautifully landscaped open areas and dense forest.  If you ever fantasized of praying and learning in an environment free of the noise, congestion and stress of a big city you cannot find anything better than the quiet tranquility and natural greenery of Congregation Etz Chaim.  We are that proverbial shtetl in the woods—but with a twist.

To borrow from a popular 1980s television show, Congregation Etz Chaim is “the shul where everybody knows your name.”  Our congregants are members of an extended family who share each other’s simchas and sorrows, important life events and just plain friendships.  One cannot be a spoke in the wheel here;  everyone is important and we quickly sense your presence or absence, so plan to be involved!  In short, you matter.

We are Ashkenazi, Sefardi, yeshivish, chassidish, litvish and everything else within the spectrum of Jewry. We collectively daven according to nusach Ashkenaz, but our individual congregants also daven according to nusach Sefard, Nusach Ari, etc.  In the end, irrespective of style, all members of Congregation Etz Chaim are committed to undiluted Orthodox Judaism.


The Town of Sharon is a quiet suburban community situated within the natural beauty of lush forest greenery surrounding the town jewel—a 353 acre lake with beaches, swimming, boating and fishing.  Sharon is unusual among American small towns for its disproportionately large Jewish population.  There are three Orthodox Jewish synagogues here—Young Israel of Sharon, Chabad of Sharon and Congregation Etz Chaim—as well as a large Conservative congregation and a large Reform congregation. Many town residents have local second- and third-generation family roots but the town is notable for its openness to newcomers.

Sharon is conveniently located midway between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island along Route 95.  Both cities are directly accessible via commuter rail (25 – 35 minutes) from the train station at town center.  Most of Sharon’s 18,000 residents live in single-family homes ranging from relatively modest ranches to luxury properties sprawled across many acres.  Some younger and older families live in rental units primarily in the center of town.  In 2013 Sharon topped Money Magazine’s best places to live in the United States.  It won 11th place in 2011 and third place in 2015.  Considering its idyllic setting, demographics and virtually non-existent crime rate, Sharon is the safe and wholesome environment in which to raise a family.